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What happened to the Paqui one chip challenge?

The Carolina Reaper Chip is sold out, but you can still win one. Head to select locations of your nearest participating retailer and pick up a specially-marked bag of Haunted Ghost Pepper or Fiery Chili Limón chips. The Carolina Reaper Chip is sold out, but you can still get your hands on one.

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Similarly, you may ask, how much does the one chip Challenge cost?

The Carolina Reaper Madness Chip will be available online here by the end of September, and will be sold in select stores starting in October—it will cost you $4.99 (and a world of pain). You can check to see if its coming to a store near you here, and find full details on the One Chip Challenge here.

Likewise, why is the one chip challenge so expensive? Day told Mashable, “The reason that we're selling this as one chip is because quite honestly, that's all that you need. That's all that anyone needs… So, one chip is what we created to have the experience.” It also costs $4.99, which per chip is insanely expensive, so you probably don't want too many.

Also question is, can you die from the one chip challenge?

The One Chip Challenge is dangerous and can lead to death. We had an employee challenge with the Paqui Hot Chip and unfortunately it took the life of a good employee of ours. No one died.

What happened to the one chip challenge?

The One Chip Challenge won't return until Fall of 2018. We recommend that you sign up for our mailing list at for notifications on its return!

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