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What happened to Sebastian Bach's voice?

After a long, agonizing fight, the original voice of Skid Row, Sebastian Bach's voice, died today at the age of 48. Long time fans of the formerly thin, full toothed, Skid Row vocalist have stuck with him through it all but today, fans mourn the inevitable passing of the voice of Sebastian Bach.

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Accordingly, can Sebastian Bach still sing?

We may never see a reunion between Sebastian Bach and Skid Row, but that isn't stopping the singer from celebrating his former band's music. Bach will be performing Skid Row's 1989 self-titled debut album in its entirety on a 2019 US tour.

Likewise, what is Sebastian Bach's vocal range? Don't shout, don't push, and really LISTEN to how light he is really singing most of the time, while using a laser pointed intensity and twang to drive his power. In short - he's a Tenor with around a 3+ Octave range.

Hereof, is Sebastian Bach a good singer?

Bach, no question. He is actually quite a good singer, WAY outclassing most in rock today. He is/has done Broadway musicals. Best rock singer ever is a guy named Matthew Barlow.

What happened to Sebastian Bach of Skid Row?

Eventually, Bach left the band in late 1996 after an argument with Bolan who turned down an opening slot on the Kiss reunion tour even though Bach already booked it. The rift between Bach and the other band members subsequently led to him leaving Skid Row.

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