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What happened to Lucy Boardwalk Empire?

Introduced in Season 1 as Nucky's (Steve Buscemi) unhinged mistress, Lucy spent much of Season 2 pregnant and shacked up with Michael Shannon's Van Alden (the baby daddy). Shortly after giving birth, she went on a formula run and never returned, leaving the baby in Van Alden's care.

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Then, what happened to Van Alden in Boardwalk Empire?

In a rage, Van Alden confesses his true identity while choking Capone, but before he can successfully strangle him, Malone shoots and kills Van Alden in order to ensure that he is not exposed as a federal agent.

Subsequently, question is, who killed Nelson Van Alden? Season 5, Episode 6. Nelson van Alden aka "Müller" and Eli Thomspon tried to rob Al Capone - they were cought and Nelson got shot from Mike D'Angelo.

Keeping this in view, why did Van Alden kills Sebso?

And last night (SPOILER ALERT FOR DVR-ERS) he drowned the treacherous Agent Sebso because he killed a key witness and then had the gall to refuse to repent for it. We talked to Shannon about his complexly driven character, and discovered that he thinks Van Alden's slide into madness has been too much, too soon.

Who plays Nucky Thompson girlfriend?

The exotic-looking de la Huerta began on the series as Nucky Thompson's mistress and — in one of the popular series' darker plot twists — comes back as Nucky's archenemy's girlfriend.

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