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What happened to John Cairncross?

In December 1979, Barrie Penrose, a journalist, concluded that Cairncross was the "fifth man" and confronted him. Cairncross retired to the south of France until 1995 when he returned to Britain and married American opera singer Gayle Brinkerhoff. Later that year he died after suffering a stroke, at the age of 82.

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Moreover, what happened to the Cambridge spies?

Philby was dismissed from MI6 but continued to work for them until his own flight to Moscow in January 1963. The files on Blunt, Philby, Cairncross and the lesser-known spies, such as Leo Long and Michael Straight, have still to be made public. It is clear the full story of the Cambridge Spies has not yet emerged.

Likewise, what happened to Guy Burgess? In January 1963 Philby defected to Moscow, having finally been unmasked – after official exoneration by Macmillan in 1956. He and Burgess kept apart, though they may have met briefly, when the latter was on his deathbed in August 1963. Burgess died on 30 August, of arteriosclerosis and acute liver failure.

Subsequently, question is, who was the fifth man?

John Cairncross

Who is considered the biggest mole in British intelligence?

  • Guy Burgess.
  • Anthony Blunt.
  • Harold Adrian Russell "Kim" Philby.
  • John Cairncross.

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