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What happened to female host on get up?

On the heels of ESPN's Michelle Beadle saying on Thursday's episode of morning show “Get Up!” that she will be skipping both the upcoming college football and NFL seasons, the network announced Friday evening that it will be moving the hub of its NBA coverage back to Los Angeles, with Beadle playing a lead role.

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Similarly, it is asked, who is the female host on get up?

Series Cast

Mike Greenberg Himself - Co-Host / 170 episodes, 2018-2020
Michelle Beadle Herself - Co-Host / 73 episodes, 2018
Laura Rutledge Herself - Co-Host 35 episodes, 2018-2019
Stephen A. Smith Himself 35 episodes, 2018-2020
Adam Schefter Himself - NFL Insider 33 episodes, 2018-2020

Likewise, did Michelle Beadle get fired from get up? In August of the same year, ESPN announced that Beadle would be leaving Get Up! by the end of the month, and instead focus her efforts on NBA coverage.. In the summer of 2019, ESPN quietly removed Beadle from NBA Countdown, replacing her with Rachel Nichols and Maria Taylor, respectively.

Then, who are the hosts of get up on ESPN?

Mike Greenberg Laura Rutledge Jalen Rose Michelle Beadle Maria Taylor

Who is the girl on get up ESPN today?

New mom Laura Rutledge has made most of ESPN opportunity.

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