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What happened to AC DC band members?

The lineup of AC/DC remained stable until April 2014, when Malcolm Young retired due to ill health. The group recorded Rock or Bust with Stevie Young, Angus and Malcolm's nephew, who was made an official band member in September. Malcolm and George Young both died in late 2017.

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In this manner, which member of AC DC died recently?

AC/DC's subsequent album, Back in Black, was released only five months later, and was a tribute to Scott's death.

Bon Scott
Died 19 February 1980 (aged 33) East Dulwich, London, England
Genres Rock and roll, blues rock, hard rock
Occupation(s) Musician, singer, songwriter

Likewise, how many original members of AC DC are left? As of April 2016, only two of the five members who recorded 2008's Black Ice performed on the remaining dates of the group's Rock or Bust tour – lead guitarist Angus Young and bassist Cliff Williams.

Additionally, what happened to AC DC lead singer?

In February 1980, a few months after recording the album Highway to Hell, lead singer and co-songwriter Bon Scott died of acute alcohol poisoning. The group considered disbanding but stayed together, bringing in Brian Johnson as replacement for Scott.

Is AC DC still touring 2019?

According to Topeka, Kansas rock radio station V100, AC/DC will announce the details of its 2019-2020 world tour on Wednesday, July 17. Online reports have also indicated Angus Young will dedicate the new AC/DC album to his late brother.

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