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What happened Reginald Denny?

Today, Denny has left Los Angeles behind. He works independently as a boat motor mechanic in Lake Havasu, Ariz., where he moved after the 1993 trial of his assailants and an unsuccessful lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles. Friends say he has gone on with his life and has even begun to drive again.

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Besides, how did Reginald Denny die?


Subsequently, question is, when did Reginald Denny die? June 16, 1967

Also Know, what happened to Reginald Denny's attackers?

On the first day of the rioting, Denny was attacked by several men, pulled from his International Road Tractor and brutally beaten, sustaining serious head trauma and other injuries. Denny's ability to speak and drive were affected by the attack, and he had to undergo years of rehabilitative therapy.

Who saved Reginald Denny?

“I thought he might die. I went to help.” Green was one of four good Samaritans who described Thursday how they helped rescue Denny, a white truck driver, from Florence and Normandie avenues, where he was beaten in the early hours of the riots.

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