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What happened in the 1960 Olympics?

The 1960 Olympic Games (also known as the XVII Olympiad) were held in Rome, Italy from August 25 to September 11, 1960. There were many firsts at these Olympics, including the first to be televised, the first to have the Olympic Anthem, and the first to have an Olympic champion run in bare feet.

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Similarly, which country held the 1960 Olympics?


Beside above, where were the Olympics in the 60s? Rome, Italy

Likewise, who won the 1960 Olympics?

The Soviet Union won the most gold (43) and overall medals (103). British West Indies, Republic of China, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iraq, Morocco, and Singapore won the first medals in their Olympic history.

Medal table.

Nation Soviet Union (URS)
Gold 43
Silver 29
Bronze 31
Total 103

What happened in the 1956 Olympics?

The Olympic equestrian events could not be held in Melbourne due to Australia's strict quarantine regulations, so they were held in Stockholm five months earlier.

1956 Summer Olympics.

Athletes 3,314 (2,938 men, 376 women)
Events 151 in 17 sports (23 disciplines)
Opening 22 November
Closing 8 December

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