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What happened at the end of Twin Peaks?

In the Twin Peaks: The Return finale, after witnessing Bob's destruction, Cooper traveled back to the scene of Laura's murder, guiding her away from the crime and apparently erasing it from the show's history (archival footage of the pilot ended with no body being found wrapped in plastic along the shore).

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Also asked, why did Twin Peaks end?

A week after the season's 15th episode placed 85th in the ratings out of 89 shows, ABC put Twin Peaks on indefinite hiatus, a move that usually leads to cancellation. The campaign was successful, as ABC agreed to air the remaining six episodes to finish the season.

Likewise, who killed Laura on Twin Peaks? Laura's

Likewise, people ask, what happened at the end of Twin Peaks Season 3?

Cooper then uses knowledge he's apparently acquired during decades in limbo to seek a more lasting justice, by jumping back in time to prevent Laura Palmer from being killed. But while he does steer her away from the scene of her murder, the effort ends with Laura disappearing into the darkness, screaming in terror.

What was the point of Twin Peaks?

Twin Peaks a show about what's good about the United States, while also being about the dark things the country tries to keep deeply buried, and it never once calls attention to those aspects of itself, because it tells that story through the language of dreams.

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