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What happen to Gloria Trevi daughter?

It was alleged that while on the run, Trevi had given birth to her and Andrade's baby, a daughter, whom they had left to die, and authorities were investigating the possibility of also charging the couple with homicide. However, with no evidence and no body ever found, the homicide charges were dropped.

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Similarly, what is Gloria Trevi worth?

$40 million

where does Gloria Trevi live now? She now lives in McAllen, Texas, with Gómez and her two sons. Trevi received the BMI President's Award on March 2, 2016 at the 23rd BMI Latin Awards for her impact on Latin pop.

Beside this, is Gloria Trevi married?

Armando Gomez m. 2009

Where is Gloria Trevi from?

Monterrey, Mexico

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