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What GPA does Utrgv require?

For applicants with more than 24 earned college hours, a minimum GPA of 2.0 is required.

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Regarding this, what are the requirements for Utrgv?

Documents Required to Complete Application: Submit your ACT or SAT scores directly from the testing agency. The UTRGV school code is ACT 6991, and SAT 6568. Submit your high school transcript or high school equivalency certificate. Make sure it indicates your diploma, class rank, class size, and GPA (If applicable).

Beside above, what is the acceptance rate for Utrgv? 80.5% (2017–18)

Also asked, what SAT score is required for Utrgv?

The average SAT score is 1,035 and ACT score is 57 at UTRGV.

What SAT score is required for STC?

For SAT scores before that date, a SAT Math score of 380 or higher for degree programs and 310 or higher for diploma programs exempts placement testing. For SAT Critical Reading scores before March 1, 2016, a score of 290 for degree programs and 270 for diploma programs exempts placement testing.

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