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What game does Dill invent when he returns to Maycomb for summer?

Later than chapter 1, actually chapter 4, Dill invents the Boo Radley game. This game shows the kids acting out the neighborhood legend about Boo, his mother, and father.

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Also know, what game do Jem Scout and Dill play in the summer?

Boo Radley

Secondly, what play were the children doing that summer? This summer, however, the children are tired of the old story lines, so instead, they play "Boo Radley", acting out the rumors they have grown up hearing about their reclusive neighbor and his mysterious family.

Consequently, what kind of game do the children develop during the second summer Dill was there?

When Scout, Jem, and Dill play an imaginative game called Boo Radley, Atticus' methods are shown in an understated manner.

How does Atticus respond when he suspects what they are doing?

Atticus asks the children what they are doing, but Jem evades his father's question. Atticus suspects that the game is about the Radleys, but he does not know for sure. He chooses not to accuse the children, though he expresses his disapproval of a game about the Radley family.

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