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What drugs can be delivered transdermally?

Drugs commonly administered transdermally include:
  • Nicotine.
  • Fentanyl (opioid)
  • Nitroglycerine (antianginal)
  • Buprenorphine (opioid)
  • Ensam (antidepressant)
  • Daytrana (transdermal Ritalin)
  • Scopolamine (anti-nausea)
  • Estrogen and testosterone.

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In this manner, which medications are commonly delivered via the transdermal route?

Today, there are 19 transdermal delivery systems for such drugs as estradiol, fentanyl, lidocaine and testosterone; combination patches containing more than one drug for contraception and hormone replacement; and iontophoretic and ultrasonic delivery systems for analgesia (Table 1, Fig. 1).

Secondly, how fast do transdermal patches work? After a Duragesic® patch is applied, fentanyl passes into the skin a little at a time. A certain amount of the medicine must build up in the skin before it is absorbed into the body. Up to a full day (24 hours) may pass before the first dose begins to work.

In this way, how are transdermal medications delivered to a patient?

Transdermal is a route of administration wherein active ingredients are delivered across the skin for systemic distribution. Examples include transdermal patches used for medicine delivery. The drug is administered in the form of a patch or ointment that delivers the drug into the circulation for systemic effect.

What is an advantage of using the transdermal delivery system?

Transdermal drug delivery offers a number of advantages due to its minimally invasive and painless approach as well as the avoidance of first-pass drug metabolism and gastrointestinal degradation. However, most of the transdermal drug delivery systems face the challenges of low drug permeability across the skin.

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