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What doll comes with LOL Glamper?

Surprise! 2 in 1 glamper is the first vehicle for your L.O.L. Surprise dolls. The 2 in 1 glamper includes 55+ surprises to unbox, 10+ hangout areas and an exclusive doll.

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Also asked, does the LOL Glamper play music?

dolls. There's even a phone holder for when you want to play your own music. And the front section has real working headlights and sound effects with just the push of buttons. Kids can also customize the Glamper with the included sticker sheet.

Furthermore, how big is the LOL Glamper? 2 feet by 3 feet

Keeping this in consideration, who makes the LOL Glamper?

TORONTO -- MGA Entertainment, manufacturer of the L.O.L. Surprise line has responded to parents' concerns around the safety of the “2-in-1 Glamper Van” by issuing a product safety notice on Friday.

What is Glamper?

glamper (plural glampers) A participant in glamping (luxury camping).

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