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What does windfall mean in a fortune cookie?

A windfall is a crazy bit of unexpected good fortune. The word eventually came to mean any unexpected and easily-gained good fortune, typically one involving money, such as the windfall profit from a lucky stock purchase.

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In this manner, is a windfall good or bad?

Money is not inherently good or bad. And regardless of how it strikes you, neither is your windfall. Effective planning can help to ensure that your windfall serves as a blessing and not a curse.

Likewise, how do you use windfall in a sentence? ?

  1. With her lottery windfall, Gail eliminated all her financial debt.
  2. Hopefully my accountant will help me get a windfall when he completes my tax paperwork.
  3. On Will's eighteenth birthday he will receive a cash windfall as part of his inheritance.

Then, what is considered a financial windfall?

Windfall. A sudden, unexpected profit or gain. A windfall may occur, for example, after a company announces an earnings surprise and its stock consequently jumps significantly. See also: Windfall shares, Windfall tax.

What is the opposite of windfall?

There is no precise antonym for 'windfall', either in its original meaning of 'a fruit, especially an apple, that the wind has blown down from the tree' (OALD), or in its metaphorical meaning of 'an amount of money that sb/sth wins or receives unexpectedly'. (OALD).

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