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What does this sign mean watch out for Crossroad traffic?

look out for a train. watch out for crossroad traffic. watch for a very dangerous crossing. slow down—a hazardous condition may exist on the bridge. get ready to turn right or left.

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Likewise, what does a crossroad sign mean?

Crossroad signs A side road crosses the continuing road at an intersection ahead. The road will continue in the direction of the arrow. When the road curves, the sign will let you know the direction of the curve.

Similarly, what must you do when you see this sign?

  1. A: Stop only if traffic is approaching.
  2. B: Stop even if the road is clear. Post navigation. Next question → Get PRO Now.
  3. C: Stop only if children are waiting to cross.
  4. D: Stop only if a red light is showing.

Also to know, what does the T road sign mean?

If you see a T-intersection sign, the road you are on ends ahead. You must slow down and be ready to yield to traffic on the intersecting roadway. Then, you must turn left or right.

What does the sign Exit 35 mph mean?

Slow Down. Slow down for a very dangerous intersection or curve. 35 Mph. Slow down to at least 35 miles per hour for the curve ahead.

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