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What does the word BREV mean?

-brev- comes from Latin, where it has themeaning "short. '' This meaning is found in suchwords as: abbreviate, abridge, brevity, brief.

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Besides, what does BREV stand for?

Business Retention and Expansion Visitation

One may also ask, what words have BREV in them? 7 letter words containing brev

  • brevity.
  • brevier.
  • brevets.
  • brevard.
  • brevium.
  • breviea.

Secondly, what does the prefix BREV mean?

Definition & Meaning: Brev RootWord Brevity, the concise use of words in writing or speech,also represents shortness of time. The word root brev comesfrom Latin “brevi” meaning“short”.

What word comes from the Latin word brevis?

3. Etymology: the -brev- in abbreviate, abbreviates,etc. came from Latin brevis, meaning "short", which is alsothe source of the word brief; therefore, abbreviate means"to make briefer, to make shorter" by combining or omittingelements of the contents of a verbal or a writtenmessage.

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