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What does the W mean on oil?

The "w" in motor oil stands for winter. The first number in the oil classification refers to a cold weather viscosity. The lower this number is, the less viscous your oil will be at low temperatures. For example, a 5W- motor oil will flow better at lower temperatures than a 15W- motor oil.

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Correspondingly, is 5w30 oil thicker than 10w30?

The main difference between 10w30 and 5w30 engine oil is their viscosity grades. 5w30 is less viscous than 10w30. 5w30 is also the thinner engine oil of the two at lower temperatures. 10w30 provides sealing action in the engine due to the fact that it is thicker than 5w30 engine oil.

Subsequently, question is, what does W mean in 10w30 oil? The "W" in 10W-30 oil stands for "weight." Oil changes its viscosity with temperature and the single viscosity rating only represents the flow of oil when it's warm. There are two ways in which oil viscosity is measured: single grade and multi-grade. SAE 30 is a typical single-grade rating.

Similarly, what does the oil numbers mean?

The short answer: The numbers represent the viscosity of the oil and the W stands for WINTER. The lower the number, the thinner the oil and the better the oil's cold temperature/ cold start performance. The number after the W describes how thick the oil is at the engine's normal operating temperature.

What does the W in 15w40 mean?

The W stands for “winter”. It's a 40 weight oil that will thin out to a 15 weight under cold conditions. Prior to multgrade oils such as 10w30, 15w40, etc, automotive oils would become very thick and sluggish in cold weather.

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