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What does the Thoracodorsal artery supply?

The thoracodorsal artery supplies predominantly the latissimus dorsi muscle but also gives branches to the serratus anterior muscle, the axillary skin, the subscapular and teres major muscles.

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Just so, what does the Subscapular artery supply?

The subscapular artery is the largest branch of the axillary artery. It distributes blood to the muscles of the scapular and shoulder regions. The thoracodorsal artery supplies the latissimus dorsi, the broadest muscle of the back.

Furthermore, what is the artery in your armpit? In human anatomy, the axillary artery is a large blood vessel that conveys oxygenated blood to the lateral aspect of the thorax, the axilla (armpit) and the upper limb. Its origin is at the lateral margin of the first rib, before which it is called the subclavian artery.

Beside above, what does the Thoracoacromial artery supply?

Supply. Through its four main branches, the thoracoacromial artery contributes arterial supply to the pectoralis major and minor muscles, the anterior part of the deltoid muscle, and dermal sensation overlying the clavipectoral fascia 2.

Where does the Thoracodorsal nerve come from?

The thoracodorsal nerve is a nerve present in humans and other animals, also known as the middle subscapular nerve or the long subscapular nerve. It supplies the latissimus dorsi muscle. It arises from the brachial plexus. It derives its fibers from the sixth, seventh, and eighth cervical nerves.

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