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What does the term strategic intent mean According to Hamel and Prahalad?

In their book, Hamel and Prahalad define Strategic Intent as: an ambitious and compelling dream that energizes; which provides the emotional and intellectual energy for the journey to the future.

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Similarly, what is the meaning of strategic intent?

In the field of management and organizational development, strategic intent is defined as a compelling statement about where an organization is going that succinctly conveys a sense of what that organization wants to achieve in the long term.

Beside above, what is strategic intent PDF? Strategic intent is the provision of a powerful long-term direction with particular emphasis on moving beyond the constraints imposed by current resources and capabilities.

In this manner, what was the strategic intent of Canon?

(For example: Suppose the Strategic Intent of Canon is: "Beat Xerox". A strategic challenge could be: Come up with a home copier at a target price of $1000) Empowerment of the Strategic Intent: key in any Strategic Intent process is to realize that getting into the Strategic Intent is a matter that involves everybody.

What is the relationship between strategy and strategic intent?

Whereas the traditional view of strategy focuses on the degree of fit between existing resources and current opportunities, strategic intent creates an extreme misfit between resources and ambitions. Top management then challenges the organization to close the gap by systematically building new advantages.

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