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What does the preset match Source do?

Match Source presets are useful when you want to pass a few video attributes from the source, and select specific values for the other attributes. You can save the Match Source setting as a new preset and apply them to any source in the Queue or Watch Folder panels.

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Consequently, what is match source high bitrate?

A recommended preset to get started with is Match SourceHigh bitrate. This preset matches your output video to the core source settings (resolution, frame rate, etc.) and sets the bitrate settings (at the bottom) to 10 – 12 Mbps. The higher the bitrate, the larger the file size.

Secondly, should I match sequence settings? The simple answer: don't use Match Sequence Settings. It really doesn't produce very useful output in almost all circumstances. Rarely will you want to use your preview codec for output--and even if you do, you can still dial it in manually.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what is match Source rewrap?

QuickTime Match Source (Rewrap) is only supported for a number of compatible video streams. These are basically the codecs that are supported for Smart Render.

Where are Media Encoder presets?

The encoding presets are located in the same location as the Adobe Media Encoder files. To access presets quickly, right-click a user preset in the Preset Browser and choose Reveal Preset File.

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