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What does the name Martini mean?

Last name: Martini
It derives from the Latin "Martinus", a derivative of "Mars", the name of the Roman god of fertility and war. The ultimate meaning is believed to be 'to gleam'. The name was borne by the famous 4th Century saint St Martinus, who became Bishop of Tours in France. Martinus was one of the chosen names.

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Also question is, is Martini an Italian name?

Martini (surname) Martini is an Italian surname.

Likewise, who invented the martini? The history of the martini can easily be traced back to the late nineteenth century, when it was first consumed and listed in bartending manuals. The famous example of this was the drink's appearance in the 1887 manual of bartender Jerry Thomas, of the Occidental Hotel in San Francisco.

Likewise, people ask, how did Martini get its name?

There are also assertions that it originated in New York's Knickerbocker Hotel. Still others assert that the drink was named after “Martini & Rossi” vermouth, which was first created in the mid-1800s. Apparently in the interest of brevity, the drink became known as the “Martini.”

Is Martina an Italian name?

Martina Name Meaning. Italian: from the feminine form of the personal name Martino.

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