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What does the MTA test consist of?

MTA Multiple-Choice Exam Preparation:
28 reading comprehension & verbal tests. 10 information ordering tests. 16 spatial orientation & visualization tests. 5 inductive & deductive reasoning tests.

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Also asked, how long does the MTA test take?

50 minutes

Additionally, how long is MTA conductor training? Tramell Thompson, a New York City subway conductor since 2013, says he waited nearly four years after taking his civil service exam to secure the job. Once hired, subway conductors must undergo a training process that can take two to three months.

In this regard, is the MTA bus operator exam hard?

A: Its not really hard at all. Its only about two hundred questions but you have to pay attention. They only really ask you fifty questions, they just re-word each question four times.

How does the MTA drug test?

The MTA conducts random drug tests on workers in safety sensitive positions. The driver first has to go through an authority- or union-sponsored treatment program and pass a second drug test, authorities said.

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