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What does the flagella do in a plant cell?

Flagella and Cilia. Flagella and cilia are hairlike structures,made primarily of protein, found on the surfaces of cells and used for movement by microorganisms and some specialized cells, such as the gametes of certain plants with motile sperm.

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Also asked, what is the function of the flagellum?

A flagellum is a whip-like structure that allows a cell to move. They are found in all three domains of the living world: bacteria, archaea, and eukaryota, also known as protists, plants, animals, and fungi. While all three types of flagella are used for locomotion, they are structurally very different.

Likewise, why are flagella important to bacteria? In nonpathogenic bacterial colonization, flagella are important locomotive and adhesive organelles as well. In several cases where competition between several bacterial species exists, motility by means of flagella is shown to provide a specific advantage for a bacterium.

In respect to this, what is the function of a plant cell?

Plant Cell Functions Plant cells are the basic building block of plant life, and they carry out all of the functions necessary for survival. Photosynthesis, the making of food from light energy, carbon dioxide, and water, occurs in the chloroplasts of the cell.

What is the function of the chloroplast?


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