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What does the Entered Apprentice Degree represent?

The Entered Apprentice degree represents youth because it teaches the most basic lessons of belief in God, the necessity of charity to mankind, the importance of truth, and the value of keeping one's word.

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Correspondingly, what is the sign of an Entered Apprentice?

The symbol of the Entered Apprentice degree shows both legs of the compass lying under the square. This degree stands for youth. It means that the Entered Apprentice does not yet know how he can circumscribe his passions on the square of virtue. The Entered Apprentice degree is a pledge of your word.

One may also ask, how does an Entered Apprentice wear his apron? The Masonic apron is also a symbol of labor, and as the candidate is informed, ancient stonemasons wore aprons during their various labors. Finally, the Entered Apprentice is instructed to wear his apron with the triangular flap pointing up.

Likewise, can an Entered Apprentice wear a ring?

In the United States, most members who attain their Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft degrees have only a relatively short period of time before they become a Master Mason, making rings for the first 2 degrees quickly unnecessary and therefore, never worn again.

What are the working tools of an Entered Apprentice?

Worshipful Master - I now present to you the working tools of an Entered Apprentice Freemasonry: they are the 24-in. gauge, the common gavel, and chisel.

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