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What does the anterior circumflex humeral artery supply?

The anterior circumflex humeral artery provides part of the blood supply to the glenohumeral joint, teres major and minor, and deltoid muscles. The ascending branch provides supply to the head of the humerus 1.

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Similarly, it is asked, what does the posterior humeral circumflex artery supply?

The posterior circumflex humeral artery is situated around the shoulder and upper chest. It branches off from the axillary artery, which supplies oxygenated blood to the armpit, upper arm, and thorax before winding down and becoming part of the brachial artery.

Also, what does the profunda brachii artery supply? Muscles. While upper extremity muscles receive vascular supply from more than one artery, the profunda brachii artery assists in supplying blood to the deltoid muscle, triceps brachii muscle, and anconeus muscle.

Similarly one may ask, what does the circumflex scapular artery supply?

The circumflex scapular artery arises as a posterior branch of the subscapular artery and supplies periosteal branches to the lateral border of the scapula. The distal tributaries of the circumflex scapular artery supply the scapular and parascapular skin paddles.

Where is the left circumflex artery?

Location: The circumflex artery branches off of the left coronary artery and supplies most of the left atrium: the posterior and lateral free walls of the left ventricle, and part of the anterior papillary muscle.

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