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What does stripped car mean?

having had usable parts or items removed, as for reuse or resale: the hulk of a stripped car. having or containing the bare essentials, with no added features or accessories: a stripped new car, with no radio or air conditioning.

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Also question is, what does Stripped mean in Copart?

STRIPPED. Any parts removed or missing from the vehicle. TOP/ROOF. Visible damage to the roof, door and/or tailgate tops.

One may also ask, is it safe to buy a theft recovery car? Nevertheless, buying a previously-stolen car can be a great investment. They are usually priced inexpensively and many can be found in good condition. In the case of a theft recovered car that has a salvage title, it is often a great decision to purchase such a vehicle.

Also Know, what happens when you strip a car in csr2?

A: Stripping is where you strip your cars in order to get fusion parts for that particular manufacture or If that car is above Tier 1, you the chance of getting an Stage 6 part for that particular car. If you strip a Tier 1 car, you will only get fusions and T1 cars don't have S6 parts for it.

Can I return a car to Copart?

You return the vehicle to Copart in the same condition received, except in the event your claim is that you never received the vehicle, or the vehicle was confiscated by law enforcement because it was reported as stolen prior to the time you purchased the vehicle.

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