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What does stiff soil mean?

Stiff refers to a lack of flex. Hard refers to a resistance to impression. We do not say that soil bends, so "stiff" is an inappropriate adjective for soil. Soil is hard or soft or somewhere in-between. The ground is hard.

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Then, what is stiffness of soil?

Soil stiffness is characterized by shear wave velocity V S = G S / ρ , where GS = shear modulus and ρ = mass density. With increasing shear wave velocity, the conditions approach those for a fixed base. The damping derived from the soil depends on the relative stiffness of the structure and the soil.

Similarly, what is the meaning of soil texture? 6.0 Definition of soil texture Texture indicates the relative content of particles of various sizes, such as sand, silt and clay in the soil. Texture influences the ease with which soil can be worked, the amount of water and air it holds, and the rate at which water can enter and move through soil.

Additionally, what is the importance of soil consistency?

The water holding capacity and the movement of water through the soil for plants is determined by soil consistency. This consistency also determines the relative resistance of the soil to pressure. The soil consistency is usually analyzed at three moisture levels – dry, moist and wet.

Which soil is soft and loose?

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Types of Soil Bearing Capacity (Kg/m2) Bearing Capacity (kN/m2)
Soft clay 10000 100
Fine, loose and dry sand 10000 100
Black cotton soil 15000 150
Moist clay and sand clay Mixture 15000 150

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