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What does SSL stand for in computer terms?

SSL. Stands for "Secure Sockets Layer." SSL is a secure protocol developed for sending information securely over the Internet.

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Accordingly, what is SSL explain with example?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client—typically a web server (website) and a browser, or a mail server and a mail client (e.g., Outlook).

One may also ask, how is https different from SSL? It means that HTTPS is basically HTTP connection which is delivering the data secured using SSL/TLS. SSL: SSL is a secure protocol that works on the top of HTTP to provide security. That means SSL encrypted data will be routed using protocols like HTTP for communication.

Simply so, what is the function of SSL?

- Secure socket layer is used to provide the security protocol used by the Internet to provide an easy access to the websites. - It creates an encrypted connection that provides the sending of the data from one source to another using the SSL.

What is SSL checker?

An SSL checker (Secure Sockets Layer checker) is a tool that verifies proper installation of an SSL certificate on a Web server. An SSL checker is a useful tool for ensuring an SSL certificate is valid, trusted and will work properly for its users.

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