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What does Riten mean in music?

The Definition of Ritenuto (Riten.)
The Italian musical command Ritenuto (often abbreviated Riten.) is an indication to suddenly and temporarily decrease the tempo; to hold back for dramatic effect. Note: Ritenuto is sometimes abbreviated rit., which also stands for ritardando.

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Simply so, what does cresc mean in music?

Definition: The Italian musical term crescendo (abbreviated cresc.) is an indication to gradually increase the volume of a song until otherwise noted. A crescendo is marked by a horizontal, opening angle which may be followed by another dynamics command (see image). Opposite of diminuendo and, of course, decrescendo.

Also, what does Agitato mean in music? The Italian musical term agitato is an indication to play quickly; with agitation and excitement. Agitato can be paired with other musical commands to add a rushed, vibrant element: presto agitato, “very quick and with excitement.” allegretto, un poco agitato, “somewhat quickly, with a little agitation.”

Similarly, it is asked, what does diminuendo mean in music?

Definition: The Italian musical term diminuendo (abbreviated dim.) literally means “diminishing,” and is an indication to gradually decrease the volume of the music. The musical symbol for diminuendo is a closing angle, often followed by another dynamics command (see image).

What is the F symbol in music?

The bass clef, also known as the F clef because it locates the line known as F, is on the far left. The bass clef uses the same musical alphabet as treble, but the letters start in different places. Instead of an E, the bottom line is a G, and the letters proceed logically from there.

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