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What does restriction b mean on driver's license in Washington?

What does a B restriction on a WA state license mean? It means the driver, probably a minor that's got a “learners permit” needs an adult 21 years or older to accompany them in the car at all times when the minor is driving.

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Besides, what is restriction B on a driver's license?

Restriction Codes Are as Follows: B: A licensed driver 21 years of age or older must be in the front seat. C: Daytime only.

Similarly, what is a restricted license in WA? If you have a Washington State driver's license and live in the state, you may be eligible for an Occupational/Restricted Driver License. An ORL can be used only to drive to certain locations such as work, school, community service, substance abuse treatments and your own health care appointments.

Also Know, what is a Class B restriction?

LOFS = Licensed Operator in Front Seat. From the Texas Driver's handbook, restriction B states "LOFS age 21 and over". That is, a licensed operator must be in the front seat with you and be 21 or over. 38.2k views · View 8 Upvoters.

What does restriction c mean on Washington drivers license?

C restriction means you failed the eye test, my friend, and you're now required to wear corrective lenses behind the wheel.

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