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What does remediation mean in education?

At a basic level, remediation (or reteaching) means “teaching again” content that students previously failed to learn. Ideally, remediation or reteaching is done early in the learning process, before additional skills are layered in or more formal mastery tests or summative exams are administered.

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Similarly, what is remediation in the classroom?

Remedial programs are designed to close the gap between what a student knows and what he's expected to know. They often target reading or math skills. In many cases, students are removed from their regular classroom and taught in another setting. Many students require the extra help remedial programs can provide.

Additionally, what is the purpose of remedial teaching? The objective of remedial teaching is to give additional help to pupils who, for one reason or another, have fallen behind the rest of the class in the subjects of Chinese, English and Mathematics. Children with learning difficulties have the same psychological needs and characteristics as other children.

Besides, what is remediation and how is it determined?

The need for remediation is typically determined by the results of a placement exam. That is, determine a student's readiness for a college-level course by either the results of the placement exam or the information gained from a high school transcript.

Who needs remedial education?

Students from low-income households, African American students and Hispanic students are more likely to enroll in remedial courses. National estimates show that among two-year college students, students age 17-19 are most likely to enroll in remedial courses followed by students age 20-24 and then students age 25+.

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