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What does Redux mean in music?

Redux is a post-positive adjective meaning "brought back, restored" (from Latin reducere, "to bring back") used in literature, film and video game titles.

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Considering this, how do you use the word redux?

redux. The 1980's neon hair redux, a la Cindy Lauper, has become fashionable again. The definition of redux is brought back or revived. An example of redux is the return of bell bottoms from the 1960's.

Secondly, how do you say redux? It's spelled REDUX, but it's pronounced "Throat-Wobbler-Mangrove."

Thereof, what is a redux album?

Redux a compilation album by Adam Ant. It is a 15-track bonus disc that only came with the Adam Ant Remastered box set. It features previously unreleased demo versions of songs from his previous albums. It also contains a T. Rex cover version that was demoed in 1996 - "Dandy in the Underworld".

What is another word for do over?

Another word for do-over. a-z. Verb. To repeat. rework.

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