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What does PEC stand for in Pec safety?

Timeline. In 1993, our founder started the Petroleum Education Council, PEC's predecessor, by bringing key owner clients and contractors together in a shared mission to promote safety in the upstream oil and gas industry.

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Considering this, what is PEC safety?

PEC Safety is an industry leading, risk-management company that provides a technology-enabled contractor management service for reporting and measuring contractor risk, safety and compliance information to owner clients (operators).

Additionally, does a PEC card expire? The SafeLand Basic Orientation does not expire, but some companies or employers may impose their own refresher requirements.

In this way, what is a PEC instructor?

PEC authorized instructors help orient and train over 250,000 workers annually, leading to lower rates of incidents on the job.

How do I get a new PEC card?

In order to replace a SafeLandUSA card, you must contact the SafeLandUSA endorsed organization who issued the card initially and request a card reprint. The SafeLandUSA endorsed organizations are as follows: International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) – 713-292-1945 –

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