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What does onwards spurred mean?

verb (used without object), spurred, spur·ring.
to goad or urge one's horse with spurs or a spur; ride quickly. to proceed hurriedly; press forward: We spurred onward through the night.

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Also asked, what does spurred on mean?

spur on. To urge, encourage, or goad someone onward in some task or activity. Likened to applying the spurs on one's boots to compel a horse to move forward or go faster.

Secondly, what is the synonym of Spur? Synonyms: rowel, goad, prick, snag, projection, incitement, stimulus, goad, incentive, instigation, impetus, provocation, spine (on a cock's leg) spur(v) Synonyms: goad, incite, urge, stimulate, instigate, impel.

Also, how do you use spur in a sentence?

spur Sentence Examples

  1. On the spur of the moment you pick up the suitcases, put them in your trunk, and drive off.
  2. I did it on the spur of the moment.
  3. On the spur of the moment he telephoned her.
  4. "I have a friend who's an attorney," Dean said, on the spur of the moment.
  5. We all do something on the spur of the moment once in awhile.

What do you mean by sperm?

Medical Definition of Sperm Sperm: A sperm is the male "gamete" or sex cell. It combines with the female "gamete," called an ovum, to form a zygote. The formation process is called "fertilization." (see ovum, zygote).

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