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What does OL mean on moisture meter?

Q : The meter is saying ol in brick concrete mode does this mean there is damp in wall.

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Correspondingly, what is a normal reading on a moisture meter?

Readings on a moisture reader will generally range from 5 to 40 percent. A range of 5 to 12 percent is considered optimal. A reading of up to 17 percent is generally considered moderate moisture and acceptable.

Also Know, can a moisture meter detect mold? No, a moisture meter can't detect mold, but moisture meters can accurately detect moisture pockets which might cause mold growth. By using a pinless moisture meter you can check the surface of the area to identify areas with too much moisture. Moisture meters help detect moisture spots with possible mold growth.

Consequently, how does a moisture meter work?

Pin-type moisture meters use the principle of electrical resistance to measure the presence or absence of water in wood, drywall, hay, and other materials. When activated, electrical current travels down one electrode, through the material being tested, and into another electrode.

How accurate is a moisture meter?

A moisture meter can be very accurate, depending on the quality and brand of wood moisture meter being used. A superb moisture meter can be accurate within 0.1% of the wood's moisture content. Lower-grade moisture meters aren't very accurate as numbers are misleading and changing.

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