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What does Mutinously mean in Lord of the Flies?

characterized by a rebellion against authority. " Mutinously, the boys fell silent or muttering."

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In this manner, what does recrimination mean in Lord of the Flies?

recrimination. the act of accusing in return; opposing another charge. tumult. commotion of a great crowd; disorder. tirade.

Likewise, what does daunting mean in Lord of the Flies? Definition: Looked at or stared angrily or sullenly. Sentence: Jack glowered. daunting. Definition: intimidating; challenging. Sentence: The word was too good, too bitter, too successfully daunting to be repeated.

Considering this, what does jeer mean in Lord of the Flies?

ludicrous. broadly or extravagantly humorous. "But Piggy, for all his ludicrous body, had brain. ( Golding,1954, p.64)" ineffectual.

What does effulgence mean?

Effulgence is brightness taken to the extreme. You may be dazzled by it, stunned by it, or even overcome by it. Usually used to refer to the sun or some other mega-star, effulgence can also be used more figuratively.

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