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What does living in the projects mean?

165d. It's slang for living in low income housing and/or impoverished neighborhoods. These areas are usually dangerous, full of crime, run down, and generally avoided by anyone who can do so. They're not ideal places to live.

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Similarly one may ask, what does it mean living in the projects?

"The projects" = "public housing projects" for low income residents. These can sometimes be dangerous, high crime rate places to live, which is why the character is saying she "doesn't scare too easily".

Likewise, why are they called housing projects? Blacks weren't "put" into the lower income housing that later became known as the projects. They moved there when that lower income housing became available as restrictive housing covenants and racism limited the areas where they could live in many cities around the nation.

Regarding this, what is a project in the ghetto?

The official term for where I grew up is “Public housing project”. “Subsidized housing” is another official term for the place. Most people use these terms interchangeably with “the ghetto” or “the hood”. But not all hoods and ghettos are public housing projects. The projects destroy the future of most people.

What are the projects in America?

For decades some of the poorest people in the US have lived in subsidised housing developments often known as "projects". Many of these projects, however, are now being torn down and studies suggest only one in three residents find a home in the mixed-income developments built to replace them.

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