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What does Jacob say to Bella in New Moon?

Actor: Taylor Lautner

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Also question is, which Twilight movie does Jacob cut his hair?

New Moon

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Simply so, do Jacob and Bella kiss in New Moon?

In New Moon, a lot of fans began to argue thatBella clearly has feelings for Jacob. As the seriescontinue, that only became clearer, especially when she askedJacob to kiss her in Eclipse. Despite being in lovewith Jacob, Bella constantly chooses Edward overhim.

What does ARO say to Bella in New Moon?

When he says “La Tua Cantante”, Arois referring to Edward lusting for Bella's blood more thananyone else's: translated more literally, your singer. LaterAro says “Fore … ne il vostro l'uno oaltro,” which in Italian, translates to perhaps, nor yourseither.

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