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What does it mean to rig something?

rig. When you rig something, you connect parts in a way that's so crazy it just might work. You could rig your jeans by using a paper clip to replace a button that pops. Rig can also describe deceiving people to achieve a certain outcome.

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Beside this, what is rig slang for?

Australian slang word often used to describe a boy or girl, teen - caused by their fellow peers if one has a good body, face or other "hot" features. Words such as sproute are also alike. Mainly used on the northern beaches. " Cathys such a rig" or "your such a rig tom" Last edited on Dec 05 2012.

One may also ask, what does this game is rigged mean? If a game is 'rigged' it means that someone has set the game up so it can't be easily won by the player(s). ' Rigged' has a negative meaning. The game isn't just hard, it is set up specifically so it is VERY hard--maybe impossible to win. This might be done by the game organizer to cheat or trick players.

Moreover, what does a rig mean?

The definition of a rig is a tool, equipment or arrangement with a specific purpose. An example of a rig is a thin paintbrush to an artist. An example of a rig is a tractor-trailer that hauls good across country. An example of a rig is the arrangement of sails and masts on a ship.

What is the rig of a truck?

is that rig is (slang|nautical) the rigging of a sailing ship or other such craft while truck is a small wheel or roller, specifically the wheel of a gun-carriage or truck can be (obsolete|often used in plural sense) small, humble items; things, often for sale or barter.

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