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What does it mean if a scatter plot has no association?

A scatter plot matrix shows all pairwise scatter plots for many variables. If the variables tend to increase and decrease together, the association is positive. If one variable tends to increase as the other decreases, the association is negative. If there is no pattern, the association is zero.

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Correspondingly, what is a no association?

A perfect positive association means that a relationship appears to exist between two variables, and that relationship is positive 100% of the time. In statistics, a perfect positive association is represented by the value +1.00, while a 0.00 indicates no association.

Likewise, does the scatter plot show a positive a negative or no association? Constructing and Reading Scatter Plots. A scatter plot can show a positive relationship, a negative relationship, or no relationship. If the points on the scatter plot seem to form a line that slants up from left to right, there is a positive relationship or positive correlation between the variables.

Also asked, what association does the scatter plot show?

Scatter plots are similar to line graphs in that they use horizontal and vertical axes to plot data points. However, they have a very specific purpose. Scatter plots show how much one variable is affected by another. The relationship between two variables is called their correlation .

What is the form of a scatter plot?

A scatterplot shows the relationship between two quantitative variables measured on the same individual. The explanatory variable is plotted on the x-axis; the response variable is plotted on the y- axis. Form: is the scatterplot linear, quadratic, etc.

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