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What does Hoover mean in slang?

A “hoover” is relationship blackmail. This slang term is often associated with individuals suffering from personality disorders like Borderline Personality Disorder or Narcissistic Personality Disorder. “Where are we rolling?” “ Into the heart of the night.

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Beside this, what does it mean to Hoover a person?

Hoovering is an emotional abuse technique used by narcissists and other manipulative personality types to suck their victims back into a relationship with them because they're running low on their narcissistic supply.

what does hoovering mean in England? r?ŋ) the action or an instance of using a Hoover to vacuum-clean.

Likewise, what does it mean to Hoover Schneef?

Hoover. To snort a drug, or perhaps Fun Dip (I've hoovered schneef off of Jann Arden's charcuterie board.)

What type of word is Hoover?

The noun Hoover spelled with a capital letter is the proprietary name of a type of vacuum cleaner made by the Hoover company and patented in 1927. When spelled with a lower-case 'h' the noun is used to apply generally to any vacuum cleaner.

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