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What does HL mean in Sabre?

Air Status Codes
Status Code Description
HK Holds confirmed
HL Holds waitlist
HN Holds need/confirmed
HQ Space prev. request

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Likewise, people ask, what does HK mean in Sabre?

HK = "Held Confirmed" (reservation but not ticketed) OK = " OK " (ticketed and confirmed) SS = "Seat Saved" (reservation with seat assignment) RQ = Waitlisted.

One may also ask, what does HN mean in Amadeus? Waitlisted, new flight times. HL. Holding waitlist. HN. Holding need.

Also to know, what is HK Status Air Canada?

HK just means confirmed, so in this case it means your upgrade is confirmed.

What does holding confirmed mean?

Confirmed means the reservation has been created, all of your information has been stored in the system and a Record Locator/Confirmation Number or PNR (Passenger Name Record) has been issued – and the flights are being held for you.

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