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What does Halatious mean?

Definition of hellacious. 1 : exceptionally powerful or violent. 2 : remarkably good. 3 : extremely difficult. 4 : extraordinarily large.

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Correspondingly, is hellacious a bad word?

Slang very great, bad, unbearable, etc. "Hellacious." YourDictionary. LoveToKnow.

Additionally, is Horriblest a real word? The difference between bad and horrible is like the difference between an unpleasant dream and an awful nightmare. Horrible means "causing horror," and goes back to the Latin word for “tremble” or “shudder.” A horrible thing makes you shake with fear, like a story about an atrocious crime.

Similarly one may ask, what does Hella mean in slang?

Definition of hella. (Entry 1 of 2) slang. : very, extremely And though she's excited, she's also hella scared.—

What is the root word of horrible?

horrible, repugnant, terrifying," from Latin horribilis "terrible, fearful, dreadful" (source also of Spanish horrible, Portuguese horrivel, Italian orribile), from horrere "be terrified, bristle with fear, shudder" (see horror). Used as a mere intensifier from mid-15c.

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