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What does GCHB mean for dogs?

All AKC Titles Sorted Alphabetically
Abbreviation Title Name Prefix or Suffix
GCHB Grand Champion Bronze Prefix
GCHG Grand Champion Gold Prefix
GCHP# Grand Champion Platinum Prefix
GCHS Grand Champion Silver Prefix

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Similarly one may ask, what does GCHB stand for?

Any Grand Champion which shall have won 100 Grand Championship points shall become a Grand Champion Bronze (GCHB).

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In this manner, what do dog titles mean?

A dog can earn a title in each of these classes at three different levels: Novice, Open, and Elite. Beyond “Regular,” there are two advanced titles – Outstanding and Superior – available in every class and at every level. Both mixed-breed and purebred dogs are allowed to compete for titles.

How does dog become champion?

A dog becomes a champion after it gains at least 15 points from three different judges and gains at least two major wins from separate judges. A major win is one in which the dog earns three, four or five points. Reaching the level of champion offers the dog the privilege of attaching the prefix "ch." to its name.

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