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What does Galax mean?

galax. noun. An evergreen perennial plant (Galax urceolata) of the eastern United States, having a rosette of glossy, heart-shaped leaves and tall spikelike racemes of small white flowers. Also called beetleweed .

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Regarding this, what is Galax used for?

The plant is used for healing all kinds of wounds and cuts[207]. An infusion of the root is used to treat kidney problems[257].

what does Draconus mean? Draconic is an adjective derived from the Latin word draco (dragon, snake) It may mean.

Also, what does Shoon mean?

noun, plural shoes, (especially British Dialect) shoon. an external covering for the human foot, usually of leather and consisting of a more or less stiff or heavy sole and a lighter upper part ending a short distance above, at, or below the ankle.

What does Searce mean?

(third-person singular simple present searces, present participle searcing, simple past and past participle searced) (obsolete) To sift; to bolt.

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