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What does familial mean in medical terms?

Medical Definition of Familial
Familial: A condition that tends to occur more often in family members than is expected by chance alone. A familial disease may be genetic (such as cystic fibrosis) or environmental (such as chicken pox).

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Similarly, it is asked, what is the difference between genetic and familial?

A familial disease is hereditary, passed on from one generation to the next. It resides in a genetic mutation that is transmitted by mother or father (or both) through the gametes to their offspring. Rare, indeed, is the family that is entirely free of any known genetic disorder.

Furthermore, what is familial cancer? familial cancer (fuh-MIH-lee-ul KAN-ser) Cancer that occurs in families more often than would be expected by chance. These cancers often occur at an early age, and may indicate the presence of a gene mutation that increases the risk of cancer. They may also be a sign of shared environmental or lifestyle factors.

In this regard, what is another word for familial?

"an inherited disease"; "familial traits"; "genetically transmitted features" Synonyms: genic, genetic, contagious, transmittable, ancestral, hereditary, genetical, patrimonial, inherited, communicable, transmissible, contractable, transmitted, catching.

What does familial relationship mean?

Familial relationship means a connection or association by family or relatives, in which a family member or relative has a material interest.

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