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What does excepting therefrom mean?

ALSO EXCEPTING THEREFROM, """all of the Grantor's right""", title and interest in and to oil, gas, hydrocarbons and other minerals in, on and underlying the above described land, together with the right to enter upon said land for the purpose of exploring for, drilling for, producing, extracting, taking and removing

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Similarly, you may ask, what does Excepting and reserving mean?

Re: What does "Excepting and Reserving" Mean An exception is something excluded from the sale, for example timber, water pipes or minerals. A reservation is the equivalent of a grant. Despite the distinction, many deeds refer to "Excepting and Reserving" even when strictly there are no exceptions.

Also Know, what does less mean in a contract? The term "less and except" often appears in a warranty deed to signify that a particular area of the real estate is not covered under the deed. In other words, that part of the property is excluded from the contract.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what does save and except mean?

'Save and except' is an exceptional clause or expression especially used in a legal context. The usage of the clause in a deed or a statute provides a restriction or condition, at the same time it excludes the applicability of the restriction/condition in certain situations.

What does less and except mean in a legal description?

The term “less and except” clarifies a legal description when contained in a legal instrument, such as a warranty deed. It typically follows the legal description in the document before identifying a specific portion of the real property to exclude from the deed's force.

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