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What does even more speed on JetBlue mean?

Get even more comfortable in our Even More Space seats, which give you additional room to stretch out and relax, plus early boarding and early access to overhead bins. When you purchase an Even More Space seat you'll also receive Even More Speed, your fast lane to the security checkpoint, available in select cities.

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Also asked, how does JetBlue even more speed work?

According to JetBlue's website, “Even More Speed customers simply need to show their boarding pass to the attendant at the security checkpoint entrance. The Even More Speed logo is printed on the boarding pass.” JetBlue's move to offer Even More Speed as a standalone perk is no different.

Additionally, what rows are even more space on JetBlue? JetBlue Airbus A320 Cabin Most of JetBlue's Even More Space seats are located in the first five rows, with 12 additional seats in rows 10 and 11. Then there are 20 rows of regular economy seats, in rows 6 through 9, and again in rows 12 through 27.

Also know, is even more speed the same as TSA PreCheck?

Airline-Specific Expedited Security: Better Than TSA PreCheck, or Waste of Time? Some airlines offer their own expedited security. JetBlue, for instance, offers a product called “Even More Speed”. It can be purchased for a small fee and is advertised as a way to get through security more quickly.

How do I get TSA PreCheck on JetBlue?

Customers need to let JetBlue know of their TSA Pre✓ enrollment before travel. For new reservations, the credentials can be added during the booking process by entering your PASS ID in the Known Traveler Number (KTN) field. For existing reservations, this can be done via "Manage Flights" on

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