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What does EQ mean in access list?

The keyword “EQ”, meaning equal to, will allow for entry of specific ports. To check the list, call up the list (“Show Access List”), which will return the two new statements. Router1(config)#do sh access-list 150. Extended IP access list 150. 10 deny tcp host host eq www.

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Considering this, what is EQ in Cisco?

I'm pretty sure that in cisco land eq means "equal" and neq means "not equal". ---- icmp is its own protocol with its own parameters - source quench, echo reply, etc.

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Keeping this in view, what is standard access list?

Standard Access-List. ACLs are used to filter traffic based on the set of rules defined for the incoming or out going of the network. Standard Access-list – These are the Access-list which are made using the source IP address only. These ACLs permit or deny the entire protocol suite.

What is extended access list?

An extended access-list is an ordered list of statements that can deny or permit packets based on source and destination IP address, port numbers and upper-layer protocols. Standard access list can deny or permit packets by source address only and permit or deny entire TCP/IP protocol suite.

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